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Terms / Returns / Refund Policy

1. At any time and applicable for all the below points
# For any of the below returns or refunds causes, any gateway charge (if applicable) will be borne by the customer.
# A product or service subscription if discontinued in the middle of the month i.e. after 240 hours from 1 st will not be applicable for any kind of return or refund.
# Any Product for which a digital copy can be obtained is not refundable.

2. Service Order Placed By Mistake
Any orders placed by mistake is refundable only if a service cancellation request is initiated withing 72-hours of service order request, however the gateway charge (iff applicable) will be borne by the customer.

3. Service Subscription Cancellation
Any of the service offered on subscription basis can be cancelled at any time of the month, however a refund will not be initiated at any condition iff it's more than 240-hours in the running month (Starting from 1st of every month ) & i.e. the month for which the customer has initiated service cancellation request.

4. Source Code / One Time License / Digital Copy Based Product
Any of the products distributed with source code / One time licence / Digital Copy is not refundable at any time or in any condition.

5. Access To Hosting Account by any means
No direct access to hosting account will be provided at any cost, by any means (i.e FTP, SSH , etc. ) as this may lead to comprimisimg of server.

6. Modified/ altered as per request of customer
Products that have been modified/ altered or whose original dimensions have been re-casted as per the request of the customer, the product shall not be returned.

7. Support / maintenance request
Any kind of support / maintenance if not covered in the package will not be refundable in any circumstances.

NB. Please report any problem or issue with service/ platform/ product before directly raising a refund request & we would love to help.

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